Mary Cull – Women’s Wellness Coach

Guidance through the Maze
to reclaim the Energy you once had.

Do you feel overwhelmed and are you operating in chaos on a daily basis?

Do you find it difficult to make the changes in your life that you know will improve your health?

Are you looking for a new way of being, rather than running on empty day in, day out?

My training specifically as a One of Many certified Women’s Coach combined with my Health & Nutrition Coaching
has given me the skills and a bucketful of tools to work with you to help you make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.


Never enough time?  Think again, by discovering your natural cycle you can gain time.

Discover your Natural Energy Cycle.

Given the right nourishment your body -(the amazing thing that it is)- has the ability to heal itself, the internal and the external.

That stinging paper cut on your finger, gone within a day or two.  Nasty scratch on your knee, gone within four. Even the blackest of bruises can disappear within a few weeks.  Just like your external damages can heal, so too can your internal ones.  Years of  internal patterning creates the habits that we don’t even consciously realise we are using when we respond and react to any given situation. It’s later that we will often regret or feel guilty about our reaction and wish our actions had been different. Then the pattern repeats it self again.

Often this is because we are running on empty or half-full, we put everyone else’s needs and wants first without considering our own or thinking we are worthy enough to invest time or money in.

I have assisted women to tap into their natural energy cycle and utilise this to bring about a life that is calmer, more fulfilling, gives them time to have fun among the chaos and brings actual order to the chaos.

Given all the confusing and conflicting health messages out there, I will help guide you through the maze to what is right for you. I will treat you as an individual and together we will adapt the tools to meet your unique requirements.

This is what Melissa had to say, “through this course with Mary I had lots of realisations and aha moments which allowed me to let go of limiting beliefs that may have been holding me back.  I now have a framework and an awareness of how to tap into and utilise my energy as a woman and can use this in my different relationships at work and at home.”


Struggling with your day to day? Trying to do it on your own? As a species we do not function well in isolation, we crave love and acceptance; we need support and guidance, without this we are often functioning in overwhelm.

Together we can explore a more fruitful way of being that will have a huge impact on your general health. Bringing about changes in all areas: healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career and a spiritual awareness, which may fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life.

We will work together to identify what areas of your life are not functioning well. Together we can identify strategies to rebuild and improve the aspect of your life you most want to change and learn how to manage the overwhelm.

“I know my values and am aligning my life to these which feels great! I am in tune with my energy needs and now intentionally set out to meet my own needs before helping others. I love myself, inside and out!” Gillian Clarke, Health and Social Care Commissioner / Aspiring Small Business Owner

As your Coach I will act as a:-

  • Teacher: – By introducing you to new concepts which will assist you to form new behaviours to incorporate into your individual lifestyle.
  • Motivator: – By providing the stimulus and influence for you to change habits that are not working and replace these with health benefiting habits that will become your new lifestyle.
  • Supporter: – To be there to back you on the hard decisions and provide the momentum for you to move forward in a way that works for you as a bio-individual.

I will give you personalised, ONE on ONE time in a confidential and supportive environment to discuss and explore underlying patterns and provide tools you can apply for life.

To help you decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free, no obligation discovery chat.

During this session I will listen to you about your area of frustration, ask some questions to determine what you want to achieve and see if my program is a fit for you. This will enable us to determine how I can best support your journey.

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