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I have assisted women to tap into their natural energy cycle and utilise this to bring about a life that is calmer, more fulfilling, giving them time to have fun among the chaos and bringing actual order to the chaos – read what my clients have to say on the Testimonial page.

Are you ready to change your life and journey toward better health and wellness?                                      Are you ready for more energy, stronger relationships and a more positive frame of mind at home and in your relationships?

YES! Then read on to learn about the ways you can make profound changes in your life.

Knowing about the energy that you can tap into naturally and learning how to bring out the best traits of these energies has lead thousands of women to improve all aspects of their lives.  They have done this through learning about the Women’s PowerTypes that have been developed by the One of Many team.  As a coach who is certified with One of Many I am able to awaken your mind to these new concepts and in a safe environment explore  your preferred Women’s PowerTypes and show you how to bring them into balance and utilise their strengths to enhance your lifestyle.

Women have used the PowerTypes to bring about changes such as:

  • Move from “feeling low, with inconsistent health and vitality to being on a joyful journey to my happiest self and life”. 
  • “I am feeling organised in the home and more easeful creating my lists which is helping relieve the past overwhelm.”
  • “I now have a framework and an awareness of how to tap into and utilise my energy as a woman and can use this in my different relationships at work and at home.”

One-on-one personalised coaching sessions helped these women make lifestyle changes that have produced real and lasting results. You can do this as well by allowing me to introduce you to new concepts and giving you new tools to work with, I will support you in achieving your goals. 

Want to explore this more, see the details below of the various ways you can work with me.

If you are ready to take the next step then call now to book a no obligation discovery chat with me:              0438 833 586


Women’s PowerTypes ™

Profile and Debrief

Would you like to know which Women’s PowerTypes you default to and perhaps shed light on which is your achilles heal, is this the patterning of why  you act and do what you do time and time again? If you want to move past this, then knowing your Women’s PowerType Profile will bring you the clarity you need.

Take the simple Powertype profiling and receive your personalised report.

We can then book a session so I can debrief the report with you, shedding light on simple changes you can make.

Email or call me to receive a token and link to the Women’s PowerTypes Profile Test.

Once women explore this they often will have light-bulb moments that can have momentous changes resonating through their whole life.


Transformation Journey

For those who are really feeling LOST, FRUSTRATED, OVERWHELMED and EXHAUSTED  this program is perfect for you.

If you are a woman who is constantly changing hats, feeling exhausted, and never having time for fun or yourself, than this program is designed for you to manage your day to day life from a position of softpower. This enables you to engage with your family  and work colleagues by utilising your natural feminine energy which encourages positive behaviours.

 This 12-week program is designed to: 

  • Help you create a major shift/transformation in an area of your life which is causing you frustration.
  • Let go of the habits of Superwoman (if applicable) and create better results with less push and effort.
  • Learn how to use a new kind of power to achieve, without burnout and sacrificing those things which are most important to you.
  • Consider alternate forms of communication to be utilised with others.
  • We will be working together in the first session to identify your intentions for the program and any barriers to your success. From that I will draw on dozens of tools and exercises to tailor the best program to help you get the results you want to see.
  • You will discover your Women’s PowerTypes and how to use them to create the changes you want to see.
  • As your Health Coach I will hold you to account for taking action throughout the program by being your:-

Teacher: – introducing you to new concepts which will assist you to form new behaviours to incorporate into your individual lifestyle.

Motivator: – providing the stimulus and influence for you to change habits that are not working and replace these with health benefiting habits that will become your new lifestyle.

Supporter: – be there to back you on the hard decisions and provide the momentum for you to move forward in a way that works for you as an individual.

  • By the end of the 12-weeks you can expect a profound shift in how you approach everything in life, and significant results in the area we focus on for the course.

Our program includes…

  • 12 Weekly personalised sessions delivered over the phone or Zoom of 45 mins up to 90 min duration
  • email support between sessions
  • emailed handouts of weekly tasks

I understand this is another decision and commitment to make when you are already feeling overloaded, however without taking action your situation won’t change.  It’s likely you have tried a lot of different things in the past, however I assure you this one works, because I have been through all of this myself and finally found the one program which actually works long term.


The secret –  because it was designed by Women For Women.


Advanced Transformation Journey

Wow, having committed to yourself for the past 12 weeks and grown over that time  you still may be feeling in need of more. Well that’s fine I’ve still here to support you. Or you may have completed the course sometime ago and are in need of a refresh.

With fortnightly or monthly coaching sessions you can go on the Advanced Transformation Journey*. Together we can explore that specific area in your life you want to focus on and drill down and get into the nitty gritty.  It could be your personal life or work life.

While the 12 weeks is fabulous or if you have done the BePowerful course through One of Many, but you still feel like your not ready to fly solo then to continue coaching on a regular basis brings about changes and new habits that become your new way of living. 

Contact me and we can have a chat about what will work best for you.

*To be suitable for fortnightly or monthly sessions – participants will have completed the 12 week Transformation Journey or the One of Many – BePowerful Course.

Group Tours

I will come and talk to your group of friends, family and work colleagues and share the message of healthy living. I can take them on a journey to new places and visit some they have possibly been to before but perhaps will be seen through new eyes. I do not ascribe to one particular diet or way of eating, I want people to be accepting of eating whole fresh foods and considering all aspects of their lives when they think about health.

As a client of my transformational coaching program, you will…

  • set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • increase your energy levels
  • improve your personal relationships
  • discover the confidence to create the life you want

Your program includes…

  • weekly one on one sessions with me
  • e-mail support between sessions
  • essential tools that you keep for your lifetime
  • your own profile of your preferred Powertypes
  • a set of stunning Women’s Powertype Cards for easy reference 
  • my personal commitment to your health and success

To help you decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free consultation.

During this session we will discuss both your current health and lifestyle and your health and lifestyle goals. This will enable us to determine how I can best support your journey.

To help you decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free 20 min discovery chat.

During this session we will discuss both your current health and lifestyle and your health and lifestyle goals. This will enable us to determine how I can best support your journey.

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