Self-Care this speaks to my heart. It also reflects the article in this weekends Australian Magazine – Working Lies, struggling to combine career and family?  Christine Armstrong in her article goes onto to explain how what we are chasing is elusive, unless you are holding a board seat position with a big pay packet – because then you can afford the paid support that is required to split your time between all the demands a working woman has today. However if you don’t have that big pay packet there are some small changes you can make that can have big impacts on your day. So back to self-care this is the one thing most women drop off first or never find or make the time for, when I coach women this is the one thing they struggle with and resist the most.  We feel guilty or think its not important or put it off ’till later, which never comes of course. However if we don’t do self-care then eventually we run out of energy and out comes the bitch or the tyrant or the victim. Sound familiar? Here is the challenge, Action for Happiness have created Self-Care September a simple calendar to encourage all of us to take one small action a day, to find ways to be kinder to ourselves. No matter what day you connect with this, try it out for the month, it’s as simple as “talking to yourself like you would to someone you love” or “take your time, find space to just breathe and be still”.  Although these seem so simple, in this crazy fast paced world where busy and superwoman are celebrated, we actually don’t do it.  However for the women who do say “I am worthy” and do make the time, they reap huge benefits.  So have some fun this September and start your Self-care. –Live the Life You Love–