Kylie Dean

Happiness Speaker and Coach


Life was good, before the 12 week program, however being overwhelmed and feeling I have to achieve more was deeply ingrained in my being.

I feel the 12 weeks with Mary has absolutely guided me to so that I am feeling organised in the home and more ease-full creating my lists which is helping relieve the past overwhelm. I now have the tools and understanding of my energy phases to support me in preparation for presenting at events and facilitating workshops.  Where previously feeling contracted in my body in the lead up to these events, I now know how to acknowledge and work through it, to alleviate and feel at peace.

To someone thinking of doing this program I would say:-

My experience being guided by Mary throughout this transformational program has been truly more than I expected. I loved Mary’s ability to be present when I am sharing and she knew to ask the right questions…just when I needed them. I have loved working with Mary and have honestly experienced life-changing shifts. I LOVE the program and Mary’s loving and supportive guidance, every step of the way.

Olivia Dean

Small Business Partner

When I was presented with the opportunity to be involved in the one of many program it seemed very timely.  Life was very busy with commitments and demands in many areas.  Between working in our own business, working for other businesses, renovating a home, maintaining a hobby farm, supporting a family and trying to have a personal/social life I was feeling very stretched.

Finding time to fit everything in was proving more and more difficult and finding time for me was bordering on non-existent. Needless to say my number one objective when I decided to take the “One of Many” journey was to achieve a balance between my work and personal life and steel a bit of time for me.

The one of many program has certainly helped and supported me in achieving this.  The program has not only helped me recognise when balance is lacking but has given me a wonderful toolkit to use to restore balance.

One element of the course that I absolutely loved was learning about and the energies around my cycles and how to use these to my best advantage.  This tool alone is very empowering but when combined with the understanding of how important it is to care and give time to yourself without feeling guilty, it is remarkable.

Mary was amazing at guiding and supporting me through the program.  Mary’s insight and understanding really helped to make sure that the program was perfectly adapted to me and my personal situation.

I would absolutely recommend taking the “One of Many” journey with Mary. You won’t regret it!!!!

Gillian Clarke

Wellbeing Coach

Living Happy

If you are wondering if you should take the plunge and commit to a coaching programme with Mary – just do it!  It is impossible to know the depth and breadth of your own challenges on your own, and without Mary’s help to uncover why I was thinking and doing things in the way I was, I would still be getting stuck in the same places.  Instead, I am on a joyful journey to my happiest self and life.

Before the programme I was feeling low, with inconsistent health and vitality. I didn’t really know who I was or how to take good care of myself, apart from I was the one to take care of others, and as a result I often felt overwhelmed and drained. I had suffered from depression and wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my life.  I wanted a new way of living, one that was full of vitality and joy.

I was at first concerned about the distance, given that I live in the UK and Mary is in Australia and this meant our coaching would need to be via face-time calls and I wasn’t sure how comfortable I was with that. Mary has a profound sense of calm and wisdom about how her and this really appealed to me as I was feeling so overwhelmed.  It also transcended the Wi-Fi because I felt immediately at ease in front of her on a screen every session.

I am now aware of my limiting beliefs and the significant hold they have had over my life, impacting on my health, and can now stop them in their tracks!  I am comfortable with myself, my opinions and my choices and I have clear life vision I am working towards.

  1. I know my values and am aligning my life to these which feels great!
  2. I am in tune with my energy needs and now intentionally set out to meet my own needs before helping others.
  3. I love myself, inside and out!

It was a thoroughly insightful and inspiring experience.  She is a patient and committed listener and reflects things back to me in way that encourages me to think differently each time. Alongside her amazing qualities as a coach she was also open about her own experiences and knowledge when appropriate, which really helped me connect even deeper with different perspectives on my challenges.

Unreservedly YES! I would recommend working with Mary as she has an intuitive ability to put you at ease and ask searching questions so that you can focus on learning about yourself and finding ways forward.  She is a fun and inspiring coach and has a genuine interest in your success.

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